StarLight SDX Guiding Principles

Data-Intensive Science Support as a Core Mission: All StarLight services are designed, implemented and operated directly in response to the requirements of national and international science communities, communicated through forums, publications, and organizations, with close collaborations with R&E network managers, engineers, network research communities, and science domain researchers.

Policy-Light Operations Allowing for BiLateral Peerings at All Layers: StarLight is on the forefront of developing policy-light services, techniques and technologies for bi-lateral peering at all layers. StarLight delivers many differentiated and deterministic services, including services based on hybrid networks, several types of L3 services, L1/L2 long-duration lightpaths, and dynamic L1/L2 services, including multi-domain dynamic provisioning.

Open Exchange Policies: StarLight consortium and its partners co-founded GLIF, the Global Lambda Integrated Facility, and now the GRP, the Global Research Platform. StarLight supports approximately 130 private networks (local, state-wide, regional, national, international, including all federal agency networks), with multiple connection services at L1, L2, L3, and hybrid multi-layer services.

Facility Scalability/Resilience/Reliability: StarLight provides 99.999% operational services. In part, this has been achieved because StarLight NOC professionals have expertise in advanced networking, especially for data-intensive science. It has also been achieved because network resources have been configured and engineered to limit or eliminate single points of failure, ensuring physical and logical path and route diversity.

Technology Agnostic: The StarLight facility is technology agnostic and it hosts a variety of technology architectures to provide researchers with broad and diverse sets of networking services, protocols, dynamic provisioning, end-to-end paths, and specialized technologies at production quality. It cooperates with international networking and research communities to pioneer new architectures, methods, protocols, and technologies to enable communities to customize network services to precise specifications.

Continuous Open Innovation: StarLight supports a wide array of network research projects and more network research testbeds than any other facility in the world. Emerging SDN/SDX models provide capabilities for network virtualization and programmability across and within domains, enabling R&D communities to create and deploy innovative applications and services.