The StarLight community has developed policies, processes, and techniques that have transformed the StarLight SDX into an innovation platform that supports an incubator stream, a pipeline for advanced architectural, service and technology, which, when proven through experiments, trials, and demonstrations, have been migrated to production environments. Many of these innovations have been developed within the 25-30 testbeds supported at the StarLight facility. Consequently, StarLight provides a wide range of specialized production peering and interconnection facilities specifically tailored for large-scale science applications.

R&E Network interconnections

The StarLight facility currently has over 60 100 Gbps paths (R&E production networks, R&E research networks, testbeds), with 25*100 Gbps paths expected in 2020. The StarLight community is investigating capabilities for 400 Gbps, 800 Gbps, and Tbps networks, and has been evaluating emerging standards, switches and technologies for 400GE end nodes, switches, and WAN transport. For SC19, with SCinet, the StarLight community implemented a 400 Gbps WAN path from Chicago to the SC19 SCinet and StarLight booth, illustrated below. FABRIC will be used to further prototype multi-100 Gbps services when it is implemented in 2020 at the StarLight facility.

SCinet Joint Big Data Testbed

This image shows the SCinet WAN and LAN fabrics, and well as the connections to the StarLight and Caltech booths, both of which had multiple Tbps of capacity. This implementation supported multiple SC19 testbeds, experiments, and demonstrations.

StarLight SDX Service Platform Topology

Netbox is a web application for a Data Center Infrastructure Management system. Netbox implements a representation model for data center hardware and networks and provides a web and REST API interface for querying and building IT infrastructure representations. Netbox features include locating physical machines and network devices at StarLight, retrieving/deploying system configuration using NAPALM and ansible, providing Ethernet/VLAN/IP and system hardware component information, physical locations for Organizations/Sites/Racks, and virtual machine information.

The StarLight Community implemented the StarLight SDX infrastructure management system with autonomous asset management software to maintain accurate information about DTNs, measurement/monitoring systems, edge cloud and network devices at StarLight. The management software inspects each system and maintains its information within the StarLight Netbox system. Utilizing the CI/CD capabilities of the management software, the StarLight Netbox system provides up-to-date inventory information on infrastructure.