StarLight’s policies, processes, and techniques are transforming the IRNC StarLight SDX into an innovation platform that supports an incubator stream, a pipeline for new services, architectures, and technologies, which, when proven through experiments, trials, and demonstrations, are migrated to production environments. The StarLight facility currently supports 25-30 experimental network testbeds simultaneously and participates directly in these testbeds, investigating research topics, and facilitating network innovation, trials, and ongoing experimentation. Consequently, StarLight provides a wide range of specialized production peering and interconnection facilities specifically tailored for large-scale science applications. Notably, the following computer-science testbeds/facilities enable StarLight to investigate, define and develop emerging and anticipated the science community’s requirements for future architectures that support required networking services.

StarLight SDX Large-Scale Testbeds For SC Conferences


Chameleon Cloud Testbed

CienaOPn Research On Demand Network Testbed

Cisco ICN Testbed (Content-Centric Networking)

Compute Canada/CANARIE Science Data Transfer Testbed

DTN-as-a-Service Testbed

ESnet 100 Gbps Testbed Network

ExoGENI 100/40 Gbps Testbed


GENI Multi-Services Exchange SDX Network

GENI Network

Global Research Platform

Illinois Express Quantum Communications and Networking Testbed (Forthcoming, 2020)

International BigData Express Testbed

International Data Mover Challenge 100 Gbps Testbed

International Global Environment for Network Innovations (iGENI) SDN/OpenFlow Testbed

International P4 Testbed

International PetaTrans Testbed

IRNC SDX-OSG / GRP Federation


LHCONE P2P Prototype Service International Dynamic Multi-Domain L2 Service for HEP

NASA Goddard Space Center High End Computing Network (HECN) Testbed

OMNInet Optical Metro Network Initiative

Open Storage Network

Pacific Research Platform (PRP)

ROBIN Data Services Platform Testbed (Rucio / BIgData Express / SENSE)

SEAIP DTN-as-a-Service Testbed

SENSE Testbed (Intelligent Network Services for Science Workflows)

Towards the National Research Platform (TNRP)